this is weird…does anybody care that I’m here?

I have just started this  with the hope that people care what I have to say…I know they care about what I have done, but at 80, am  I still worth checking out.

About billpersky

Emmy Award winning writer, director and producer for such shows as the Dick Van Dyke Show, That Girl, Sid Caesar, Bill Cosby and Kate & Allie
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10 Responses to this is weird…does anybody care that I’m here?

  1. Liza Persky says:

    Everybody cares!!! And if they don’t, I’ll come and get them!!!

  2. Margaret garrett says:

    I care! Very much! But I didn’t know about this til today!

  3. Fern halyard says:

    I care very much

    • fern Halyard says:

      I care about you at 80 and I will care at 90 and I will care at 100, after that I won’t be around……….

  4. Patricia Wright says:

    Heck yeah we care. You’re a great writer! Funny little story about how I even saw your blog. I just finished Andy Cohen’s book, “Most Talkative” and at the end Acknowledgments, he thanked “Bill Persky for being a great sage and East Coast Parental Unit.” Well! I thought to myself, can that be THE Bill Persky? The great writer and collaborator of so many great TV episodes, but mostly of the best TV sitcom on television?? (The DVD Show) So I googled you and found this blog. Looking forward to more “sage” advice from the man who gave us “cheap, chopped, chicken feathers!”

  5. Denise Dipaolo says:

    How could we NOT care???

  6. Cheryl Szucsits says:

    Absolutely we care!! I’m a huge fan … especially Dick Van Dyke and That Girl — Van Dyke was my first crush and I wanted to be “That Girl”! I still covet her wardrobe! :)

    Actually, I’ve been trying to find a way to contact you forever because I was wondering if the music to “Santa, Send a Fella” is available! I’m a Cabaret singer and would love to do it for a holiday cabaret fundraiser for a children’s theater camp… it’s a grief camp for kids who have lost a parent.

    Anyway, THANK YOU for the legacy of entertainment you have given, and all that you continue to give through your work and speaking engagements and blog!

  7. laniersmith says:

    I was that little boy on the other end of the TV signal who sat cross legged and too close to the TV back in the early 60’s. I cared then and I still do today. (I can’t sit cross legged but I still sit too close to the TV for my own good.)

  8. Ed Franco says:

    Thank you for the many gifts you’ve given the world, Mr. Persky. And your opinion matters more at 80 than ever before. It’s only our age-centric culture that would tell you otherwise. Your shows had depth, heart, and feeling. By way of contrast, recent years gave us a popular sitcom in which a recurring gag was portraying the womanizing jingle-writing Malibu bachelor as “the geezer” at 42. How very ahead of your time you were.

  9. Jackie Joseph [Lawrence] says:

    Darling Bill,
    I was looking for you and this is what I found. Maybe it will even reach you. As I mull the best of the past, I want to see old friends. I want to thank you for the validation you gave me as a person and a performer. I hope you find me and we can somehow have a little time. Love forever, Jackie

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